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Navigate is a new digital package of short films and resources exploring a diverse range of careers and routes into the creative industries. Suitable for a careers programme in schools and colleges for students aged 13-18 years old, Navigate explores the rapidly expanding creative industry and investigates a variety of careers that exist within it.

Your students will have the opportunity to encounter professionals, learn about their pathway into the industry including higher education, training and work experience, and try practical tasks connected to a variety of creative roles.


What’s Included in the Package

* 10 x digital interviews with a range of young, diverse artists as they share their roles within the creative careers, their pathway to these roles and what they love about their job.

* 10 x workshop tasks for students to try a practical exercise in the varying roles.

* 4 x behind the scenes mini documentaries sharing the making of a small scale touring theatre show, the processes and creatives involved.

* 1 x PDF recapping workshop exercises and offering 14 further practical exercise suggestions.

* 1 x PDF offering signposts to further information on each of the 10 roles and careers.

* 1 x PDF sharing information and links to routes into the creative careers including apprenticeships and courses.

* 1 x PDF Glossary, explaining industry language and references.



What Gatsby Benchmarks does Navigate cover?

Benchmark 2:  Learning from career and labour market information:

Annually reviewed and updated, future study options and labour market opportunities are available for students and their parents/ guardians through our signposting and apprenticeships resources.

Benchmark 3: Addressing the needs of each pupil:

Navigate offers alternative career support to pupils who seek guidance outside of STEM subjects. This versatile package can be used at varying stages of a students’ career guidance from choosing options to selecting further education and apprenticeships.

Benchmark 4: Linking curriculum learning to careers:

Navigate explores a wide range of professions both on and off the stage and how the subjects the featured artists studied at school led them to their careers.

Benchmark 5: Encounters with employers and employees:

Hearing from over a dozen workers in the creative industries, students have the opportunity to learn about what work is like and what it takes to be successful in this field.


Who is it for and what Subjects/Careers does it promote?

The Navigate Package can be used to promote and celebrate careers in Media Studies, Dance, Music, Art and Photography/Film, IT, engineering, with a particular focus on Performing Arts, Drama or Theatre Studies.

Navigate can be used for enrichment days, virtual work experience, to enhance personal statements, at Options assembly or Options evenings, as an Open Evening resource, or as an alternative to support students who are less STEM focused and are seeking alternatives.



Annual subscription is £120 + VAT per school.

Each time the annual subscription is renewed the price will be reduced by 20%.

The annual subscription will allow your school/college unlimited access to the resource so it can be used across year groups and departments throughout the year. The package can even be shared with parents via the schools website so families can access it at home.

If you’re not from a school but are interested in purchasing the Careers Resource please get in touch with Georgie on the email below.

To request your copy of Navigate please contact Georgie:

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