We believe wholeheartedly that the arts change lives and makes society a better place to be. If you agree that no one should be excluded, that access to art and culture is a basic right and not a privilege, then join The Paper Birds’ nest, become a friend, and help us sustain our work.

This year in 2024, The Paper Birds will have been creating original devised theatre for 21 years. With your help, we can continue our activities that put those who are under-represented, those furthest from power, and those least often seen, centre-stage.

Founded in 2003 by a group of six women who shared a mutual passion for creating original devised theatre, The Paper Birds places empowering female roles and representations of women on the stage. Our high-quality theatre reaches over 20,000 young people each year, teaching them that their voice matters. All the young people taking part in our work develop their creative skills and potential, and some go on to be the socially engaged artists and cultural leaders of the future.

“Whenever I speak or work with The Paper Birds I feel motivated and inspired. Keep passing that magic to everyone that surrounds you.” Paper Birds’ Supporter

“Your work is spreading ripples of hope and light across the country…your ideas are inspiring young theatre makers (and middle-aged ones too!).” Drama Teacher

Your support will make sure we’re here to deliver more of that Paper Birds’ magic for the next 20 years.

If you love The Paper Birds, help ensure we are still here in years to come. If you have anything to spare, please support us. We thank you in advance for your generosity.

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A Message from one of our Co-Directors

“My first experience of theatre was pantomime. It was colourful, loud and funny. The goodies won and the baddies lost. My second, some years later, was Shakespeare. It was complex and wordy, it was dramatic and tragic. It was beautiful, but it was alien, I had to be taught how to appreciate it.

It was only when I began to study drama and was given permission to ‘make’ something that theatre began to feel exciting to me. It allowed me to re-imagine the stories that have gone before; to question who are goodies and who are the baddies? Why are we laughing? Who has really lost?

To us, devising theatre is empowering. It is not about playing out, again and again the stories that have gone before us, it is about making new stories. We want to make work that is relevant, about things that are happening now, to us and around us. We want to pull things apart, we want to hold people to account, we want to celebrate, to warn, to encourage, to challenge people. We might never influence policy, but we can influence people…We want our plays to change the world…one story at a time.” 

Jemma McDonnell, Co-Director, The Paper Birds



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