Theatre Creativity Cards

Working in hundreds of schools each year, we began developing the Theatre Creativity Cards in order to offer a simple, yet highly effective tool to aid students in devising. The Theatre Creativity Cards are a set of cards that support the generation of ideas when devising theatre.

How do you use the cards?

The Theatre Creativity Cards are designed to get you thinking in new and unexpected ways. It’s simple: you turn a card over, read the word or statement and respond. You can use the cards to improvise and generate ideas spontaneously or you can use the cards over a longer period of time to discuss and generate ideas before staging them.

There are 4 suits in the pack. Each suit is designed to aid a different element of your character building or theatre making:

Emotional: Exploring the emotions and feelings of performers and/ or characters.

Thoughtful: Exploring the thoughts and motivations of the performers and/ or character.

Physical: Exploring the physicality and movement of performers and/ or character.

Playful: Exploring the staging, style, structure, genre and audience relationship.

What is included in the box?

When you buy a set of Theatre Creativity Cards you get all four suits that make up your pack. In addition to this is included a workshop booklet jam-packed full of rules, tips and suggestions of how to use the cards as well as three workshops; Introduction Workshop, Devising Workshop and Devising with a Theme Workshop.


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